CNVs in Germline Cancer Analysis and Current Challenges


This webinar covers important aspects of the genomic analysis of inherited cancer, including guidelines, challenges, and solutions. It  focuses on the importance of copy number variation (CNV) detection in germline cancers highlighting how next generation sequencing (NGS) solutions can deliver complex variant detection in key genes like PMS2, BRCA, and APC, with a complete workflow that offers a real alternative to multiple ligation-dependent probe amplification (MLPA).

Our speakers will present real-world clinical data that demonstrate the benefits of using the GALEAS™ HereditaryPlus targeted NGS panel and its tailored analysis pipeline, developed by Nonacus, for germline variant detection in hereditary cancers.
You will learn

In this webinar, you will learn how a major UK genomics testing laboratory, based within Birmingham Women's and Children’s NHS Foundation Trust, is addressing the challenges posed by CNV detection in hereditary cancer testing. You will hear what these challenges are and how they are working towards a solution using GALEAS HereditaryPlus.

In addition, you will gain insight into the wealth of bioinformatics behind GALEAS software from its creator, including how it reports SNVs, indels and CNVs providing unparalleled precision in hereditary cancer analysis, regardless of variant or cancer type.
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